Sunday, November 14, 2004

The Simple Art of Lack of Communication

You know with the introduction of numerous technological advances in communication, things should be more understandable. Yet I find it to be the other way around, more so to the point that attempting to use complete sentences have been abandoned. Time has been so compressed that we have adopted a short hand way of leaving messages and writing to others that we near to a point that nothing is communicated at all. I admit that I am guilty of such things, but I always make sure that my point gets across. Its like we have unknowingly gained this ability to know what others should know, when in fact they don't know and chaos follows. Just pure chaos, a chain reaction of epic proportions, where there is aftermath of dandelions and scotch tape. Its an ugly site let me tell you. Chaos like a major car pile up on the highway, since no one signaled their intentions while changing lanes. Its not like the chaos, such as opening a bag of cereal where corn flakes explode everywhere, that chaos is caused by a miscommunication with one self. I remember having a conversation with someone about cell phones and how they have made things more disorganized. Back in the day before cell phone were popular, when a group of people wanted to go out things were planned ahead of time, and all the wrinkles were smoothed out. We all new where to meet, at what time, and how long we need to be there. Now these days, things are spur of the moment. Since people have their phones with them, if a party was going on people would find out 5 minutes before. Its crazy I say, just plain crazy.


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The Curb should note that although events in today's age are more spontaneous and therefore disorganized that the number of meetings have increased dramatically. There was once a time where people would only leave their nuclear families for social engagements on Friday or Saturday evenings. Today, people are able to arrange various meetings each day on a whim...a quick lunch with one person followed by an after work exercise with another and perhaps a few more for dinner and events following, for example. Yet the question to ponder would be that although communication has increased, are we better off because of it?

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This is very good. I like the "dandelions and scotch tape". You may be the first person to ever put these two things together. You should google these words and see! Opps, did I mention Google?