Monday, November 08, 2004

Cursed be the Kitchen Faucet!!!

So once upon a time two guys went to a small dwelling in the southern province of Davis. They were summoned to help fix a magical device that controls the flow of drinking water. Little did they know that they were about remodel a kitchen sink. The owner of the dwelling thought if one item was to be changed then everything on the sink must be changed as well. The two brave souls battled their way through, as they attempted to replace this magical device. Once the device was replace the two heros stood as they admired the great work. Like shattered glass the mood became dark. The magical device seemed to have a problem; water seem fightend to flow in the greatness of the kitchen sink. The two were perlexed and the owner had an expression of hoplessness. The two heros were determined to defeat the evil foe, and allow a dwelling to get their rightful flow of water. The adventure continues.........unfortunately.

As a side note please look at the items you buy for they reveal important information that may save your life. Or something along those lines. Cursed Kitchen Faucet!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, come on. You're an idiot for thinking that an arcane device that says "WATER SAVING 2.2 GPM" on the back of the box ACTUALLY restricts the flow. And it's obviously got a lot to do with the water purifier: water comes out of both! I'll bet you're not even a 1st level plumber.