Monday, December 19, 2005

Just look up and Smile!

I wonder sometimes what the sky beholds with it being a magnificent canvas and the pallette of colors that graces every inch that the eye can see. Sunrises and sunsets are wonderdul to indulge in, but the moon lit sky can be at times be the most comforting sight. There is an honest to goodness innocence and simplity that a moonlit sky has. The more I look at the moon, the more I wonder what is truly representative of happiness. Taking the time to look is proabably one of most satisfying things one can do without having to spend so much money. Just look up and smile =).

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Brownies and Fried Cheeses Makes the World go Around

Typing away at my lapytop as I like to call it, though I rarely use it on my lap....go figure. Anyways the evening has been crisp, like a stalk of celery from the crisping drawer. The definite snap of life coming into play, and with the Christmas lights all things are a go. Sometimes last minute things are a pleasure to behold, since there is always a spark of spontineity. Every minute holds a potential event that will always truly be memorable if one choose to remember. Does it really matter what location the event happens, or is it dependent on how we approach it? What is it? It can be anything. What is anything? Anything is what we make it! See the cyclical pattern. Music all around and voices heard on high, a wonderful treat to be shared by all, such as brownies and fried cheeses. The littlest things are the ones the packs the biggest surprises. So it must be said that letting all things be is what makes! Each breath we take is a moment that we take with us and to take each new breath is a direction forward. How sweet the sound, the voices that fill our hearts, and the company we keep afterwards. Brownies and fried cheeses can make the world go around, but most importantly is our love for one another that keeps us wanting more. Anyone want some brownies or fried cheeses....they are quite good.

Friday, December 09, 2005

When All You Can Do Is Ask

So like this thing never gets updated, and anything that does appear on this damn thing tends to be some heartfelt profound piece of ____________(please insert a word of your choice). Ok well some things are good to talk about, but some things can become like an old freaking record. Yeah.....Thats Right! Old and freaking and record...yeah thats it. Simplicty is something to be cherished, but in moderation as with all things. Experts, friends, family, even the cherished beloved pet says that same thing, "moderation is the key and with patience comes two fold." Sometimes it should not even be an issue, and to continue to think about things doesn't help either. Living is not meant to be pondered, and I may have mentioned it in an earlier and less frustrating entry. Life sometimes can be so complex that its easy to get lost in it, and at times loose touch with what really matters. Then there is the question "what matters?" Life sometimes seems to defy the laws of anything, such all things follow that path of least resistance, or at least thats what they say in physics. Yet if you follow the human mind, I try not to, darn thing still owes for that caramel apple, anyways... the human mind tends to pick the path of greatest resistence, or at least that is my experience. There is so much turbulence, yet it is easy to be stuck in it. Negativity seemingly enough likes to rear its ugly little head into the hearts of those who asks too many questions. Questions where the answer is right in front of you, yet there is no acknowledgment of the exsistence of the answer. To study or be an expert in something can sometimes be a blessing or a curse, its just a matter where the coin lands and which side you picked.

Much Better....still searching for that pavement!