Saturday, April 07, 2007

God Is Good!

Simple elegance is what I have concluded to. What does simple elegance mean, well to me is to do some thing in the simplest manner with out sacraficing the subtle sophistication. I have been know to pull out all the stops and use any means at my disposal to do something. Though slowly I am seeing that something can be done simply without losing the message or the effect. Which leads me to say God is Good! Slowly but surely I have realized that I have forgotten the beauty of things around me. I feel in order to share what I see, I need to go above and beyond and present in the most extravegant manner possible. In some cases, it can be useful, but after recent events I have realized that simplest is the most powerful. Simple is good. God is Good! Happy Easter!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh Time Where Have You Gone?

It's quite unbelieveable that someone can come to a point where there is not enough time to call a friend or a loved one, or even drop a quick message to say hello. I, my good people have hit that point and I am not a happy camper about it. Not a happy camper I say! Just yesterday I turned in a craptacular display of work, my three papers which by the way were written all at the same time. Yes written at exactly the same time, due to the immense stupidity by yours truly. At the same time I am releived that I actually was able to finish my papers, and finish my class, leaving me with one more to go. The papers and my stupidity is not really whats bothering me, its my realization that I have little time to have time to myself. Granted many have told me to stop doing what I am doing and just say No!. Easier said than done. Though I have been doing better =). The reason I am focusing on this is beacuse last night I actually had time to myself and was able to make the calls I needed to make, granted some of them were voicemail. I felt no pressure to do anything, and it was enjoyable, I even was able to do fun reading, which for me is rarity. I even went to bed early. Careful don't faint now, I know its hard to believe, but I actually went to bed at relatively early time. So the actual realization came to me in a dream, which I woke up from and started to think quite heavily. I was in a group gathering, and people were talking and having fun, and I was trying to talk to someone, but they gave me a dirty look, and walked away. Well of course this concerned me and I asked what was wrong, and the respone was "when you have time talk to me then." So...yeaaaahhhhhh =/ I am being reflective of this just wondering if I have really placed myself in communicative isolation. I some work ahead of me =).

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gifts of the Mysterious

There are times when you are caught off guard and you later realize that gifts are always given. Sometimes we are caught up in our daily motions that we fail to see what is really right in front of us. The other day I decided to look at some old posts to review what I had written, and really noticed that there were times when I was thoughtful and times were I felt the least postive. Notice how I use the word postive and not to refer as negative. In all honesty some of the things I have written have been negtive, but now I am shfting my state of mind. I am just tired of slipping into the "hell, everything is just wrong" state of mind and looking at the truly positive. Its not that I am ignoring the negataive, I am just choosing to look at the positive and find ways to make it better, so that on the scales of mind, the positive outway the negative. Sure there will be times that I might slip into the "complaint" mode, but I am sure as God will provide me the strength to turn the frown upside down =( -> = subtract ( = =. Take the = add ) and you get =). I did that for those scentific / math majors out there.

So this past thursday and friday have been quite good. Adoration on thursday and a awesome Christian concert on Friday. Both these events have been the most spiritual fullfilling things that I have been to in a very long time. God likes to give you lemons to see if you will make lemonade. I felt like lemons at the begining of this week, feeling sour, and discontent with a few things. With the help of some good friends I was able to make lemonade by helping to make adoration happen and to help organize the trip to Napa for the concert. Both events I felt the presence, the healing presence of Jesus and the gifts that I finally see that he has given all of us. As my friend Laith always like to hear me say in a weird accent, "THE LORD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS" and I like to keep it at that. The more surprises I get the more chances I can find ways to make things more positive. God Bless.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Its Raining Up In Here

So its finally raining up here, and let me tell you, it is sure welcomed. I wasn't really sure how much static electricity I could handle. The air always seemed charged, and when I would come in contact to piece of metal or fabric panel, a large bolt of electricity would shock me. I would like to think that this was caused by my electrifying personality, one could dream. Anyways rain has been good, and as always traffic is bad. I could rant about the traffic, but I will not. I did go snowboarding this past weekend, and it was totally a blast. I went with a few friends which made the trip all the better, and we stayed the night in Truckee. The last time I went snowboarding it was one of those day trip deals, and driving at night was not at all fun. Staying the night allowed for more relaxed evening, with a little bit of night time snowboarding which was pretty cool. Later we all went to this little tavern near the hotel called Madigans. Inside was this small rustic establishment, which pretty much served beer and wine only. There was even live music provided by Tuck Wilson who was able to offer some light vocals and some good guitar. Relaxed as can be, the evening was pretty cool. The next day we went visitied Squaw Valley. The one thing I would like to point out is the music through out that entire weekend. I would have to say every song that I heard was a great song. In the car, the lodge, at Squaw Valley, and the bar, one good song right after the other. With everything else, the music was the icing on the cake. The one thing I wish could have been more prevalent was snow. I mean there was snow, but it was compacted and felt like ice when you landed on it. Some powder would have helped with stoppage, but eh its all good.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Simply Beautiful

A few evenings ago, as I was departing from work, the smell of roasted hickory, almond, oak was wafting in the air. Its was the smell of when I was growing up, the smell that really reminded me of home. As I enjoyed the earthy scents my eyes shifted towards the sky, and there was this magnificent pallete colors of the evening. Anywhere else in town, the sun setting is not as spectacular as it is right outside of where I work. For that single moment, I felt content, or I should say relieved. It was as if I had a weight lifted off my shoulders, and everything seemed right. Not to say that anything felt wrong, it was more of a feeing of reassurance, as if I were to understand that I should not worry. I try to stop and take these momements of reflection, cause if you slow down enough you eventually will see what true beauty can be.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Why Can't Weekends be Longer

Maybe its just me, or it seems like weekends are getting shorter. Its like friday night, everything is chill, and rest and relaxation is just around the corner. Then all of sudden its Monday morning, and all one can say is FRICKIN'. It seriously seems that whatever should be between Friday and Monday had disappeared, vanishied....Its like when you take a test and then afterwards all the information that once lived in your head is gone. Its crazy, I say just plain crazy. I believe in fairness to all, or maybe just myself, that weekends needs to be three days long. I mean really, on Fridays is like a half day since people are already ramped up to go on a vaction, or a road trip, or just want to get the week over with. I like to call friday the ramp down day. It is the day of preparation, for the long-awaited weekend. Once friday evening rolls in, pre-weekend has begun. Saturday and Sunday are your true weekend days, and then there is monday. The monday will be the third day of the weekend, and thus be the transitionary day into the work week that starts on tuesday. I think productivty will increase, people will be happier, and a set of utensils will jump over the moon. How I will not question, if that were to happen, then ok. You can see I have put much thought into this. Many friday afternoons were spent crafting this splendid idea. If someone else thought of it first, thats fine. Whats important is that in my mind I thought of it first. Doesn't really matter, I am just glad to have a weekend just to breathe. For one day to sleep in, only if the sun lets me. The smart thing to do is go to bed eariler, but since I apparently have no conception of time, figuring out whats early may not be that easy after all. If thats the case then how would I know what a three day weekend would be like....Okay too much thought, I think I am going to retire before my head pops. =)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Songs of a Restless Mind

They're there...waiting for the pen to eek out an uterance, and to grace the page with its wistful lines. Speak they must, but silence is the only present member of the flow of rock. Still the yearning remains for the notes to dance freely upon the open space, and wake those whose dormancy is overdrawn. Smiles all around and laughter to follow. These are songs of a restless mind, a mind filled with wonder and excitement, a mind wishing and hoping for the overflow of life. To translate the beauty to which has been kept for so long and share the vision of what truly makes a frown turn upside-down. These are songs of a restless mind. Every chord strikes emotion so deep, that time stands still. In that moment of peace, something has changed, giving new life to the will. Once temporal echoes dies down, thats when the pen leaves its mark. Giving life to what once was dark, lifting, shining, a promise to never be apart. These ares the songs of a Restless Mind.

I have just realized that I have been writing since morning till night, be it for work, school, or things such as this blogamajig right here. Though I do have to say this is relaxing for me so its good. Week coming to an end, and there seems to be more to do. I really didn't thing more could exsist, but who could really say. As I mentioned before I have 13 class sessions, or two courses, or till April before I am proud owner of 2007 Masters of Business Degree. What makes things difficult is knowing I have that much time left. One could say I have hit the level senioritis, and so productivity is starting to dip down. If people really want to see this downward trend I can make a nifty Keynote (Powerpoint for PC Users) presentation and show all these graphs and useless numbers. I have done so many of them, and can do them in my sleep. Its all about the illusion of productivty. Not to say work is not being done, it more of a time managment and presentation thing. Anyways its worked for me at least. I can taste the free time, just gotta keep working hard and stay focused =). I wonder if I should write an Acoustametal songs, or grassmetal. I just think adding metal is cool and quite amusing.