Friday, January 26, 2007

Why Can't Weekends be Longer

Maybe its just me, or it seems like weekends are getting shorter. Its like friday night, everything is chill, and rest and relaxation is just around the corner. Then all of sudden its Monday morning, and all one can say is FRICKIN'. It seriously seems that whatever should be between Friday and Monday had disappeared, vanishied....Its like when you take a test and then afterwards all the information that once lived in your head is gone. Its crazy, I say just plain crazy. I believe in fairness to all, or maybe just myself, that weekends needs to be three days long. I mean really, on Fridays is like a half day since people are already ramped up to go on a vaction, or a road trip, or just want to get the week over with. I like to call friday the ramp down day. It is the day of preparation, for the long-awaited weekend. Once friday evening rolls in, pre-weekend has begun. Saturday and Sunday are your true weekend days, and then there is monday. The monday will be the third day of the weekend, and thus be the transitionary day into the work week that starts on tuesday. I think productivty will increase, people will be happier, and a set of utensils will jump over the moon. How I will not question, if that were to happen, then ok. You can see I have put much thought into this. Many friday afternoons were spent crafting this splendid idea. If someone else thought of it first, thats fine. Whats important is that in my mind I thought of it first. Doesn't really matter, I am just glad to have a weekend just to breathe. For one day to sleep in, only if the sun lets me. The smart thing to do is go to bed eariler, but since I apparently have no conception of time, figuring out whats early may not be that easy after all. If thats the case then how would I know what a three day weekend would be like....Okay too much thought, I think I am going to retire before my head pops. =)

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