Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Stories are told with what our eyes behold

Tiredness just seems to compound itself, as each passing minute the eye lid continues to shift position until light is locked out and the mind starts its journey down sleepy lane. So much on a plate, but that of a size of saucer used for a morning cup of coffee. Never enough time to really enjoy the idea of wasting hours, minutes or those precious seconds. Never enough time to take a deep breath, and exhale the worries away. Never enough time to realize that there isn't enough time. All that is left is the ability to look through a glass and watch the stories unfold right infront of you. Its not the stories that one would expect. Stories that captivate the imagination, and every little detail showers the senses with delight and gladness. The stories I refer to are the stories which have no begining nor an end. Stories that live itself out right infront of you, never being able to speculate, imagine, or hope what it could be. It is just there for the eyes to see.

Everything seems to intregue me lately. I really don't know what it is. What used to be the mundane, seems to have gained the ability to catch my attention. Maybe the lack of sleep could be the root cause, and in most cases it can be. Sometimes I have that feeling that I am out of phase. Not really a bad thing, but just those moments where you feel out sync or out of the loop on things. Ehh it will pass. I must continue writing my paper. The day when I am done with school will be such a momentus occassion. I have, I think 13 class session to go, and finally I will have earned my MBA degree. Then I will have all the free time I want. =)

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