Thursday, January 25, 2007

Songs of a Restless Mind

They're there...waiting for the pen to eek out an uterance, and to grace the page with its wistful lines. Speak they must, but silence is the only present member of the flow of rock. Still the yearning remains for the notes to dance freely upon the open space, and wake those whose dormancy is overdrawn. Smiles all around and laughter to follow. These are songs of a restless mind, a mind filled with wonder and excitement, a mind wishing and hoping for the overflow of life. To translate the beauty to which has been kept for so long and share the vision of what truly makes a frown turn upside-down. These are songs of a restless mind. Every chord strikes emotion so deep, that time stands still. In that moment of peace, something has changed, giving new life to the will. Once temporal echoes dies down, thats when the pen leaves its mark. Giving life to what once was dark, lifting, shining, a promise to never be apart. These ares the songs of a Restless Mind.

I have just realized that I have been writing since morning till night, be it for work, school, or things such as this blogamajig right here. Though I do have to say this is relaxing for me so its good. Week coming to an end, and there seems to be more to do. I really didn't thing more could exsist, but who could really say. As I mentioned before I have 13 class sessions, or two courses, or till April before I am proud owner of 2007 Masters of Business Degree. What makes things difficult is knowing I have that much time left. One could say I have hit the level senioritis, and so productivity is starting to dip down. If people really want to see this downward trend I can make a nifty Keynote (Powerpoint for PC Users) presentation and show all these graphs and useless numbers. I have done so many of them, and can do them in my sleep. Its all about the illusion of productivty. Not to say work is not being done, it more of a time managment and presentation thing. Anyways its worked for me at least. I can taste the free time, just gotta keep working hard and stay focused =). I wonder if I should write an Acoustametal songs, or grassmetal. I just think adding metal is cool and quite amusing.

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