Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh Time Where Have You Gone?

It's quite unbelieveable that someone can come to a point where there is not enough time to call a friend or a loved one, or even drop a quick message to say hello. I, my good people have hit that point and I am not a happy camper about it. Not a happy camper I say! Just yesterday I turned in a craptacular display of work, my three papers which by the way were written all at the same time. Yes written at exactly the same time, due to the immense stupidity by yours truly. At the same time I am releived that I actually was able to finish my papers, and finish my class, leaving me with one more to go. The papers and my stupidity is not really whats bothering me, its my realization that I have little time to have time to myself. Granted many have told me to stop doing what I am doing and just say No!. Easier said than done. Though I have been doing better =). The reason I am focusing on this is beacuse last night I actually had time to myself and was able to make the calls I needed to make, granted some of them were voicemail. I felt no pressure to do anything, and it was enjoyable, I even was able to do fun reading, which for me is rarity. I even went to bed early. Careful don't faint now, I know its hard to believe, but I actually went to bed at relatively early time. So the actual realization came to me in a dream, which I woke up from and started to think quite heavily. I was in a group gathering, and people were talking and having fun, and I was trying to talk to someone, but they gave me a dirty look, and walked away. Well of course this concerned me and I asked what was wrong, and the respone was "when you have time talk to me then." So...yeaaaahhhhhh =/ I am being reflective of this just wondering if I have really placed myself in communicative isolation. I some work ahead of me =).