Tuesday, April 12, 2005

How time flies yet it never takes off....or does it?

So its like April, and it seems that the last post according to the archive was last December. Oh how time flies!!! I almost forgot that this thing exsisted, and I shamefully have allowed too much dust to collect on the curb. Its about time I rev up the ol' street sweeper and stir things up a bit. It is almost nearly a year since I have been at my job with the rabbits of the electronic nature, and it seems like it was only yesterday that I started here. Oh how time flies!!! Yet even though it may have seem like yesterday, so much has happened that I feel somewhat different. From my calculations I am nearing the start of my 8th year here in Davis, and two years graduated from the highly efficient finacial insitution that is UC Davis. Oh my how time flies!!! I have always looked forward to the day when things all of sudden change, in which a new beginging awaits on the other side. Yet I still look for that day, hoping that I feel that some sort of accomplishment has been reached, yet I find myself still on the run way of life ready to taxi. So I do a preflight check to see whats up. Lo and behold there I am up in the sky flying, and then I make sure my instruments are correct, and yes I am up in the air. Some how I have failed to notice that I already took off, but never paid attention at point I left the ground. As I think about it more, it wasn't a failure to notice, but a choice to be blind to the fact, that I am not the same person I was a year ago. Oh how time flies!!! It is an interesting phenomenom how we try to hold on the past, in fear of meeting the future. Yet it can be done in gradual manner, as to prevent shock, and other severe bodily injuries, but thats besides the point. I see that one must not look at change as this momentous swing in time, but a gradual embrace to the future. Some times I think we look to closely at the big picture to even noitce the little tresures that makes life so much more special. Or maybe I just need to get a new perscription on my glasses....hmmm. How time flies!