Saturday, February 10, 2007

Its Raining Up In Here

So its finally raining up here, and let me tell you, it is sure welcomed. I wasn't really sure how much static electricity I could handle. The air always seemed charged, and when I would come in contact to piece of metal or fabric panel, a large bolt of electricity would shock me. I would like to think that this was caused by my electrifying personality, one could dream. Anyways rain has been good, and as always traffic is bad. I could rant about the traffic, but I will not. I did go snowboarding this past weekend, and it was totally a blast. I went with a few friends which made the trip all the better, and we stayed the night in Truckee. The last time I went snowboarding it was one of those day trip deals, and driving at night was not at all fun. Staying the night allowed for more relaxed evening, with a little bit of night time snowboarding which was pretty cool. Later we all went to this little tavern near the hotel called Madigans. Inside was this small rustic establishment, which pretty much served beer and wine only. There was even live music provided by Tuck Wilson who was able to offer some light vocals and some good guitar. Relaxed as can be, the evening was pretty cool. The next day we went visitied Squaw Valley. The one thing I would like to point out is the music through out that entire weekend. I would have to say every song that I heard was a great song. In the car, the lodge, at Squaw Valley, and the bar, one good song right after the other. With everything else, the music was the icing on the cake. The one thing I wish could have been more prevalent was snow. I mean there was snow, but it was compacted and felt like ice when you landed on it. Some powder would have helped with stoppage, but eh its all good.

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