Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Curb has been collecting dust.....for shame!

So.......I have neglected The Curb for some time, allowing debris and other unknow objects to be strewn about. The last entry was a stretch for the imagination, plus it was buried under so much incoherent references that it made absolutly no sense, except to myself and a few others. So I have been in reflective mode, thinking about how things work and out and, how things come back to remind you who you are. Yesterday a good friend of mine gave me this gift that has this card with a picture. It was a group picture of people who went on a Yosemite Trip back in the day. Under the photograph, there was a line that said "where it all began." I was awe struck at the gift, and felt incredibly humbled. The picture remided me of how I got started on my faith journey to Newman. Most cases, when people join Newman its either through choir, retreats, or anything Newman planned. It all started with a Yosemtie trip that had nothing to do with Newman, except the people on the trip. Some of them heard me play guitar and got me involved at choir. As I look back, alot has happened since then, and I some times forget to be grateful for all of it. Its the little things that makes the world go around. Little reminders to make the biggest difference in one's day. That little reminder completed my day and showed me that even though things are not what they used to be, the memories still live on with me. I keep looking at things that are happening around me, start to see what once I had prayed for is now coming true, in some way, shape, or form. I hear people say one thing on trying to avoid negativity, and I feel the best way is to put in the hands of God. Sometimes we forget to rest, and become so overwhelemed that, we cause harm to ourselves. It is one of the hardest things to give our all to God, and to have complete trust.

So I finally was able to enter some sort of entry, and I am sure there will be more to come. Happy Holidays to All!!!

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Anonymous said...

Peace, yo. Great update.