Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What Now!

Summer is finally here and I have been at my job for a year and things are coming into perspective....well sort of. It is quite easy to loose track of time and how important it can be. Time cannot be viewed as a constraint nor as a countdown to the inevitable. It has been too easy to slip into the mentality that things must be done now or else the chance will be missed or things may never pass our way ever again. The beauty of life is not knowing what is coming our way, not to say living in oblivion is ideal, but knowing too much can be chaotic. There needs to be balance, and acceptance with uncertainty which for me has been unsettling. Little by little I have come to terms that what ever happens happens, with guidance from the Lord things will fall into place. I have always known this from experience, that you need to let time take its course, yet I keep failing to keep that in mind. There is no reason to be in hurry, nor is it healthy to rush things. I find it that when things are sped up so many things are lost...missed! There is failure to slow down and take a real good look around us. For some reason I feel that I need to slow down and put things into perspective. When things travel at the "speed of life" the most important thing to do is to look up.


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Anonymous said...

What if it is not God's will that we wait, paralized; but that we do, even if we do badly, at first. How else would we learn? Certainly not from a lesson we expect the Heavens to set before us without action. This is the lesson.